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IT leaders today face more pressure than ever before as the rate of Digital Transformation has accelerated in light of a shift in working practices. ‘Digital’ is now the beating heart of many organisations, enabling innovation and productivity across the many business functions while also securing critical data and enabling efficiencies through automation.

As organisations continue to look to digital tools for business benefits, the march to digitalisation does not appear to be ending anytime soon. Our reports bridge creativity and data to allow us to dive deeper into some of the many subject areas relevant to today’s IT leaders as they navigate this complex digital environment.

Whether you’re seeking to identify the most challenging cyberthreats for your customers or identify their technology investment areas for the coming year, we can aid your market research project.

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Bespoke Reports

Our bespoke reports offer a unique way to reach your target audience – comprising of compelling content based on data capture results, analytics and report design and creation. The report is bespoke to your company as it is based on a survey which most appeals to your area of interest (geo, job title, company size, industry). The survey can then be used to generate leads, create thought leadership content or blogs and is therefore the gift that keeps on giving. It is then yours to distribute and market as you wish.


We can create either collaborative or bespoke supplements that enable you to showcase your expertise and thought leadership. Whether it be through articles, interviews, case studies or analysis, featuring in our supplements helps position your organisation as a trusted authority while also engaging with your target audience and increasing brand visibility.

Content within the supplement can serve as a lead generation tool by capturing the interest of potential customers.

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Global Technology Events Integrated Reports

Looking for an integrated marketing solution to help your business stand out in a crowded market? Why not sponsor one of our global events reports? This includes targeted data insights and leads, brand awareness through strategic alignment with one of our global titles and content creation to promote the report findings.

Content within the supplement can serve as a lead generation tool by capturing the interest of potential customers.

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