Intelligent Technology

Micro Focus Universe 2021, delivering high tech, low drama to global customers

4 March 2021

Micro Focus has reinforced its on-going commitment to help customers win in the digital economy, announcing the annual flagship customer event, Micro Focus Universe 2021. Attendees will learn more about Micro Focus’ vision and critical product...

Serverfarm expert discusses the pandemic-driven Edge

25 February 2021

As a result of the pandemic, online user behaviour has transformed. Arun Shenoy, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Serverfarm, explains why Edge Computing investments are expected to see a massive ROI by helping to maintain productivity as the use...

Deep Dive – Spencer Lichtenstein, Product Strategist, RSA Security

8 February 2021

In this edition of our Deep Dive series, Spencer Lichtenstein, Product Strategist at RSA Security, talks us through the steps organisations must take when launching a remote SOC.

Data Protection Day 2021: Top tips for keeping your company data safe

28 January 2021

Data Privacy Day is an international annual event which raises awareness and promotes privacy and data protection best practices. We hear from experts about the importance of the day as we focus our attention on our data protection habits and the way we...

A global reset: Predicting cybersecurity trends in 2021

19 January 2021

FireEye shares its top cybersecurity trends for 2021 and says business leaders must build capabilities and strategies that will protect them in the days to come. Companies across all industries commonly release forward-looking reports about what’s to...

Looking to the future: Considering the IT trends expected

14 January 2021

Stefan Schachinger, Product Manager, Network Security – IoT/OT/ICS at Barracuda, discusses some of the technology trends he expects to develop over the coming year. Recent news about beginning vaccinations gives us hope for a return to our normal...

Genetec shares its top physical security trends predictions for 2021

13 January 2021

The pandemic has caused huge disruption for many, and physical security professionals will need to follow the lead of IT departments in order for them to thrive this year. Genetec has predicted some key trends it expects to evolve, including innovative...

We must update our cybersecurity best practices to protect the new hybrid workplace

13 January 2021

The effects of COVID-19 have forced organisations and their CISOs into making some hard decisions, particularly as the transition to remote working has offered a new dimension to the way we work. Ben Carr, Chief Information Security Officer, Qualys,...

How FinTech companies can facilitate continued growth

12 January 2021

The pandemic has highlighted the fact that business leaders should take the current situation as an opportunity to improve and invest in their business models. Jackson Lee, VP Corporate Development from Colt Data Centre Services, says FinTech companies must...

Security strategies and priorities for CIOs and CISOs in Africa

4 January 2021

As we begin a new year, CIOs and CISOs across the region are preparing their strategies and identifying new technology trends, particularly when it comes to securing their networks. Perry Hutton, VP – Africa, Fortinet, talks us through what he...