Keeping compliant as Australia’s workforce defaults to digital

1 August 2022

Jeremy Paton, Team Engagement Solutions Lead, APAC, Avaya, examines how evolving consumer habits and expectations can affect the cybersecurity of businesses while staying compliant. Australia’s appetite for digital services is rampant. While...

Deep Dive: Kevin Brown, Schneider Electric’s Senior Vice President of EcoStruxure Solutions

25 July 2022

The five functionalities that are crucial for your contact centre of the future

22 July 2022

Contact centres are witnessing an overload of customer interactions and attempting to adopt numerous methods to enhance efficiency and boost productivity. However, it can be challenging to understand which elements need to be prioritised to establish...

Why immersive customer experience gives superpowers to your consumers  

20 June 2022

Simple, convenient and visually attractive were the ideal CX, but this has become the expected norm. Now CX leaders need to create immersive customer experiences and produce positive emotional outcomes. Alex Smith-Bingham, Group Offer Lead for...

How to remain cybersecure with ‘bringing your own devices’ 

10 June 2022

Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior Member and Professor of Cybersecurity at Ulster University, discusses the stark figures associated with cyberattacks as of late and why it is therefore essential for organisations to address potential risks before implementing...

Why incident response and insurance must learn to be bedfellows

1 June 2022

Dominic Trott, UK Product Manager, Orange Cyberdefense, tells us why maintaining a good understanding of your security posture is paramount, as well as the factors which contribute to a defence-in-depth approach to cybersecurity – an approach he...

Counting the cost of the biggest BEC attacks

1 June 2022

Robust email protection is a necessity for protecting against one of the industry’s most sophisticated attack types; Business Email Compromise (BEC). Andrew Rose, Resident CISO, Proofpoint, offers some top tips to avoid falling victim to these types...

Netskope CISO on leading a successful security transformation with Security Service Edge (SSE)

25 May 2022

In this interview with Intelligent CIO’s Jess Abell, Neil Thacker, EMEA and LATAM CISO for Netskope, highlights why traditional network security architecture is no longer fit for purpose, as well as why organisations should consider adopting a...

Creating a business model to drive Digital Transformation in 2022

14 January 2022

Digitalisation schemes are high on the agenda for organisations of all sizes thanks to the range of benefits it unlocks – including efficiencies, improved customer experiences and greater business insights. For SMEs, with less available budget than...

How APIs are delivering on technology modernisation

30 October 2021

The modern CIO is constantly looking for new opportunities to drive the organisation forward. Joel Reid, UK&I VP/General Manager, Axway, tells us why companies should be utilising Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in order to move forward...