Dragos expert on why the energy sector must take a proactive approach to cyberdefence

27 July 2022

The energy sector has undergone immense digitalisation in recent years as organisations have adopted digital tools to help achieve their transition towards net zero. But this has also introduced new risks and threats which need to be addressed to stay ahead...

Expert discusses keeping it green as a top priority for 2021

4 December 2020

It is now widely understood that the UK is to reach its legally binding zero-carbon target in the UK by 2050 and in order to do so, we must make rapid changes to the way we run our data centres. Jon Healy, Operations Director at Keysource, discusses how...

Realising the vision of the self-optimising plant – How hybrid models can help to achieve it

16 October 2020

Industrial AI solutions are shaping a new autonomous era of self-optimising plants in the refining industry, according to Antonio Pietri, President and CEO, Aspen Technology. We hear how software technology such as Artificial Intelligence, can offer new...